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Agas Ltd. (E.G. Sekarim Ltd.) was founded in 1989 and specializes in conducting professional surveys in traffic, transportation, parking and environment – for government, public and municipal organizations, gas companies, planning and engineering offices as well as for private organizations. 


In addition, the company conducts surveys and studies in:

• General surveys and consulting services

• Market studies and due diligence studies


Company offices are located in Ramat-Gan, and employ a staff of professional engineers, statisticians and computer employees.


The company compiles data on highways, cross-sections and parking lots. This data is statistically processed and is then used by decision makers to streamline and optimize traffic and transportation systems


Company customers include:

• Public Works Department (Maatz)

• Ministry of Transportation• Ayalon Highways Corp.

• Yefe Nof Corp.• Israel Airports Authority• Israel Railways

• Trans-Israel Highway• Derech Eretz Co.• MMTS• Achuzot Hahof Co.

• Israel Police• Institute for Transportation Studies• Center for Driving Studies •

• Teknion institute• Cities and local councils across Israel

• Ministries of the Environment and Acoustics

• Private organizations in the market

• Gas companies - Paz – Sonol, Dor Energy

• Construction and infrastructure company

• Private Planning and Engineering offices, etc.



Our company uses advanced technologies to collect traffic data, such as:


(Traffic Sensor (RTMS

We can execute turnkey projects to compile traffic data in real time, and to manage traffic light systems as well as to spot incidents on roads as part of Incident management control operations.


The data reports are received through RTMS (Remote Traffic Microwave Sensor) by EIS, thousands of units like this one have been installed around the world. The device operates regardless of weather conditions, lighting conditions or any other external factor, thereby giving it a clear advantage over other technology-based systems. The devise was approved by the Ministry of Communications for use in Israel.


Mechanical Traffic Counter

The proposed device enables measurement of traffic volume and a screening of all cars in time intervals that can be programmed. The opening for the counter can be air pipes or loops positioned following simple assembly on the road or street


 (Cameras (DV-CAM

An effective video monitoring system designed for collecting movement traffic data for statistical purposes by counting –

in roads, junctions, parking lots, etc



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